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Apartments for rent selyshche miskoho typu Vorzel

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Private homes and small cottages in Vorzel

A small urban village called Vorzel is just a few tens of kilometers from one of the large cities of Ukraine - Kyiv, which is also its capital. Its territory is almost completely planted with pine forests and small meadows with birches, oaks and other interesting trees. a variety of birds and animals that live here, are equipped and resorts, in which come to rest weary busy metropolitan life of the people of Kiev. On need not rent a room in a hotel, sanatorium or resort to spend a weekend in Vorzel and relax, because here you can rent a cottage, private house or an apartment in a residential area nearby. For example, on there are many options for daily rent apartments in Vorzel and on its outskirts. And here you can pick up a comfortable accommodation from the owners.

Where to spend a quiet family weekend with family or a young man?

If you are tired from work and routine of the big city, but in your purse is not enough money for a flight to Turkey, Egypt or Thailand, you can organize a trip in Vorzel. It is a quiet place, which is considered one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly in the outskirts of Kiev, you can arrange a barbecue, barbecue or just dinner in the air. In the village also has a sports stadium and a large soccer field where you can play football, basketball or other group game, that is an ideal place for active holidays with children. On there are many options of large houses and cottages in Vorzel, which are ideal for groups of friends and families, and in them, no one will feel uncomfortable and embarrass each other.

What is the best active holiday or a relaxing vacation in a forest in Vorzel?

Unfortunately, many people can get a vacation only once a year, and is always very difficult to decide how to spend it. That is why to many cost dilemma prefer extreme rest in the mountains skiing or scuba diving, or simply to live in a cozy cottage on the outskirts of Kiev in Vorzel. A second embodiment of such holidays is much cheaper than the first one, and it can be much more interesting than it seems at first glance. After all, you can find a lot of interesting and exciting things to do in Vorzel in the open air, for example, to run a kite, or buy a radio-controlled toys and arrange the race with his friends and children. Due to lack of commissions you can save on rent and spend it on entertainment in Vorzel.